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Create Your Identity Through a Monogram

You probably use a monogram to personalize your clothing or home decor products, but businesses and brands also use monograms to help create their personality and identity.  Monogram logo designs are made by using letters or an acronym of a name to form a recognizable mark and monogram logos have existed as early as 350BC, often widely used on coins, paintings, sculptures and even postboxes! Monograms are very prevalent among fashion designers and other brands, commonly used as a logo and/or pattern and turned into motifs, printed on handbags, and used decorate their products. A monogram is also widely used to help brand a product and create instant recognition about a company or brand. Here are a few famous examples:

Louis Vuitton

LV’s logo was coined from the name of the  founder himself – Louis Vuitton and was launched in 1896. As one of the world’s most valuable brand, it carries the most famous monogram too, the LV Monogram. This was developed to prevent counterfeiting of Louis Vuitton products.

Chanel logo

Another famous monogram is the brand Chanel. Who cannot identify this logotype nowadays? That interlocking back to back ubiquitous double-C? It stands for Coco Chanel, the fashion designer popular for her practical designs and whose real name is Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. The monogram was actually the logo of Château de Crémat, which was given to Coco for her new perfume. Château de Crémat  is a castle in the hills above Nice,which is now a popular wedding venue and winery. She trademarked the logo when she opened her first store and it soon became a symbol of elegance, wealth and elitism.

Gucci logo

Gucci‘s logo was designed by Aldo Gucci in 1933. He was one of the three sons of Guccio Gucci who founded the company in Florence in 1921. The iconic logo was one of the most recognizable mark in the fashion industry that symbolizes grandeur and authenticity. It represents the interlocking Double G initials of Aldo’s father developed into a pattern and printed on cotton canvases made into handbags. These monogram was applied and introduced in 1964 as an accessory decor and belt buckles.


Corporate Logos


Shown above are a few examples from brands you and know and love. Did you ever stop to think about the fact that their monogram IS their brand identity!?  What does your monogram say about you? The font you use.  The style you choose. From place mats to cups, flip flops to beach towels, iPhone to Kindle covers … what are you telling the world about your style and personality? Let us help you get your message out…