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Make your Motto Your New Monogram in 2014

Elvis TCBWhen you say the word “monogram” people automatically go to their name. But, why limit monograms to your initials? Think of Elvis Presley, who had TCB (“Taking Care of Business”) monogrammed on everything. Three letters can spell out your interests and attitudes: FYI, TKO, BYO, ETC, IPO, LOL.

Glenn O’Brien, the author of “Initial Here: Everything You Wanted to Know About Monogramming,” says he uses the monogram TBD. Why? Because his motto is “To Be Determined.” CWB? I won the shirt from Charles Barkley in a card game. LXI? I have 100 white shirts and this is number 61. “If someone asks you about your monogram,” says O’Brien,  “tell them you’re thinking of getting a tattoo but you’re just trying it out first. Tell them the X stands for the unknown. Express yourself. Put it in writing.”

Think outside the box in 2014. What will your new monogram be?