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You’re Never Too Old for a Security Blanket

blanket trio

Studies show that a security blanket provides both comfort and a secure feeling to a child.  Their attachment with the blanket provides a stable feeling in a potentially unstable environment. Security blankets prove especially helpful in new situations in which the child longs for something familiar.  Life is stressful and filled with challenges and uncertainly, so it’s no wonder that even as adults, we still love snuggling up with a soft blanket for comfort.   The good news? Research indicates that no long-term harmful effects occur from a child having a security blanket.  Whew!  me&re design offers polar tec fleece blankets in a wide variety of colors and designs to appeal to children, teens and adults.  Available in 3 sizes, you can personalize it with your family name or personal monogram and you’ve got a great gift that will provide a lifetime of pleasure.

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small……..$49.99………..30X40 in.
medium…$59.99………..50X60 in.
large……..$69.99………..60X80 in.